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The Estuary Rat Club was originally the Estuary Rat Group, born through a lack of clubs around the Greater London, Kent, Essex and Suffolk area. The club was intended primarily to be a 'social' club based around like-minded people getting to know each other and sharing their experiences of the pleasures and problems of rat ownership.

The club expanded and branched out into holding shows and issuing a full-colour bi-monthly newsletter, but as so often happens, all the work involved fell on the shoulders of the same few people.

Accordingly we have now downsized. We no longer charge a membership fee and no longer issue a newsletter. There is no formal membership, but rather, a register of people who are willing to give up their time to support our activities. These will in future be focussed on rat PR rather than variety and pet shows which are now adequately catered for by the NFRS and other regional clubs.

Our plans for 2010 can be found by following the Events link from the main index.